Beef Boat

There’s beef!, quick come!

It’s been a year since I’ve posted my food recipe ‘s on here, my bad. This time I’m going to be consistent otherwise people will beef me 🤣

OK ok let’s get to it

Hold on..this is how it looks (if you do it right)

We doing visual aids out here!!

Okay now..what do you need?

• Beef (go to your butchers and ask for any sort of beef, but I used shin beef and topside beef)

* Paprika seasoning

* Garlic granules

* Chorizo ring

* Spring onions

* Premium Dark Soya Sauce (you’ll find it in Tesco)

* Dark soft brown sugar

* Red chillies

* Honey

* Flatbread

* Cheese (any one of your choosing)

* Wok or any deep frying pan

* Oil (vegetable, extra virgin or coconut pls, be healthy.)

Okay now you want to know how to make it init? Cool, let’s go


1. Seasoning your beef with the the above spices, be gentle and smart with it, you don’t want one to overpower the other

2. Add a bit of soya sauce and brown sugar and then use your hands to mix it all together (use a fork to poke holes in the beef so the seasonings and seep in)

3. Let it sit in the fridge for like 2 hours to do its thaaaaangg

– when you take it out, boil it in a pot for 2 hours so it becomes tender and soft, please no less than 2 hours-

4. Drain the beef broth, but keep some in a separate bowl to use later (v important)

5. Get your chillies and chop them up (if you’re using whole chillies), if not, just dash them in there, along with your chopped spring onions. And then add your chorizo, after you’ve chopped them up (you’ll notice an aroma emitting from the chorizo, embrace it.) < all of this to be done in a separate bowl

6. Dash some more of your original spices on there for that deep taste.

7. Get your wok or pan and put some oil in there, followed by your beeeeef! (Keep hob on medium heat)

8. Get your broth, add some honey to it, soya sauce and garlic < don’t go mad with the honey 😂

9. Add it to your beef mix and WHACK the heat up so it can sizzle, make sure you keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn!

10. Turn the hob down to low heat, and squeeze some honey on there, to balance out the spice of the chillies

11. Preheat your oven to 180DANGREEESZ for the Flatbread

12. Get your Flatbread and gently spread the cheese on it evenly (grated cheddar, red leicester, mature cheddar), you can try mozzarella if you’re a weirdo..

13. Dash it in the oven for 15mins

14. Check your beef and make sure it’s brown, taste it to see if it’s the right balance between spicy and sweet.

15. After 15mins your flatbread should be nice and crisp, take it out and put some of that lovely beef on top and enjoy!


If you have gravy granules, add some to your beef if you want to make more sauce, with a bit of water of course.

This meal is guaranteed to fill you up!, share with a loved one if possible, or eat it alone if you’re greedy like me

Till next time, sauce! 😛


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